Silver Creek Music Department

557 Renz Ave, Sellersburg IN 47172

                             Google Classroom Information:

  LAST YEAR'S GOOGLE CLASSROOMS ARE STILL IN TACT.  If you want to do chunk tests on Google Classroom, you can submit those there.   If you are not in a band google classroom, here are the instructions to join: 

go to

  - log in

        - email:

​                  example:

        - password:  same password you use for computers at school

  - click on your band class

       - if you have not joined our class yet, here are the class codes:

               - 7th grade band  - Blue team:  rc96c7

               - 8th grade band - 1e645c



Look around here for any documents or information you need for SCMS Bands!  If you have any questions, email Mrs. Jochim at